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Eye Make-up Remover


Eye Makeup Remover

Soft drops provide gentle eye makeup removal for even the most sensitive skins. Opal and white quartz soothe eyelids and leave the eyes looking fresh and rested.

Place a cotton pad dipped in makeup remover lotion on lids and eyebrows for a few minutes. Wipe makeup off carefully.


This product is a true gentle cleanser for sensitive eyes and eyelids. Its fluid texture provides a unique comfort to ease contact with eyes. Because of the natural assets of Cornflower and Orange Blossom, this make-up remover lotion is moisturizing, soothing and softening features as well.


White Quartz, Opal, Marshmallow, Moringa, Orange blossom, Cornflower, Hyaluronic, GEMOLOGY skin care ® and Pure Bio Aqua

Main Ingredients & Benefits:

· White Quartz – Purifying, Softening
· Opal – Calming, Moisturizing
· Marshmallow – Decongestant, soothing
· Moringa – Bracing, rich in minerals and A and E vitamins
· Orange blossom – Refreshing
· Cornflower – Soothing
· Hyaluronic acid – Moisturizing
· Gemology Skin CareÒ – « Zen » effect
· Pure Bio Aqua – Beneficial

How to use

Remove make-up with a cotton pad.