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Calming Face Lotion



Genuine protective care, enriched in Sapphire and Smithsonite. Your skin will be cleansed, strenghtened and soothed. For a uniformed complexion, a softened and protected skin.


Sapphire, Smithsonite and Allantoin

Main ingredients and its benefits:

· Sapphire – Enriched in Iron, it is a powerful antioxidant that strengthen skin. For an immediate calming, soothing and regenerating action on skin.
· Smithsonite – High concentration in Zinc, to deeply repair and sooth skin, and to
erase its redness.
· Allantoin – Keratolytic and healing effects on skin. Skin smoothness is increased and cell renewal is encouraged. It is also a skin protectant and an anti-irritant.

How to use

Apply on morning and evening all over face neck directly with hands. Massage until full absorption.