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Make-up Remover Milk


Makeup Remover Milk

For truly enjoyable makeup removal.…

This makeup remover milk melts smoothly into skin. Moonstone and licorice eliminate all traces of makeup and impurities. Skin is clean, clear and luminous.

Massage into face and neck with fingertips. Rinse with a cotton pad dipped in water. Top off with Quartz Rose lotion.


Gently gets rid of make-up and daily impurities. Its texture ensures an extreme comfort associated with a feeling of freshness and leaves your skin clean and soft.


Pearl, Moonstone, Licorice, Melon Oil, Flax, White Lily, GEMOLOGY skin care ® and Pure Bio Aqua

Main Ingredients & Benefits:

· Pearl – Cellular stimulation, Protective
· Moonstone – Softening
· Licorice – Toning, Refreshing
· Melon Oil – Regenerating, Restructuring
· Flax – Antioxidant
· White Lily – Cleaning, Softening
· Gemology skin CareÒ – « Zen » effect
· Pure Bio Aqua – Beneficial

How to use

Take a nut-sized quantity in hands and emulsify on the skin in order to milk turns into water. Rinse with a warm wet compress and finish by applying a warm towel.