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Anti-Aging Face Oil


Peridot has been proven to act effectively on premature dermal aging. Here, it is combined with the essential oils of juniper, grapefruit and rose for exceptionally effective beauty care.

It leaves skin visibly relaxed and firmer.


Formulation prowess, for the first time, an extract of stone is solubilized in an oil. Perfectly dry and without preservative, Delice de Peridot respects your skin and offers a unique senory pleasure. The Peridot stone, rich in Magnesium, combines with the Essential Oil of Cadierwood, Grapefruit and Rose to increase the synthesis of collagen and ATP (source of energy for our cells) for an anti-aging and anti-stress proved effect. The Magnesium, derived from the Peridot Stone, decrease by 42% premature aging of the skin.


Peridot, EO Wood Cadier, EO of Rose, EO of Grapefruit, Oil of Apricot kernels, Oil of Cotton, Oil of Macadamia and Squalene Plant

Main ingredients and its benefits:

· Peridot – Decreasing the premature aging of the skin
· EO Wood Cadier – Encouraging the cell renewal of the epidermis
· EO of Rose and EO of Grapefruit – Increase the synthesis of collagen firms
· Oil of Apricot kernels – Moisturizer
· Oil of Cotton – Nourishing
· Oil of Macadamia – Moisturizer, nourishing
· Squalene Plant – Protector, regenerating

How to use

Remove make-up with a cotton pad.