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Chrystelle Lannoy, Creator

The career of Chrystelle Lannoy, was shaped by two major interests, beauty and gemstones.

A love of all that is beautiful led her to devote her professional life to cosmetics. In 1991, she joined the Clarins Group, where she acquired extensive experience. In 2001, Chrystelle Lannoy introduced the Pevonia cosmetics brand in France; the brand became a leader on the American spa market and provided invaluable expertise.

Her lifelong love of precious and semi-precious stones gradually began to exert its influence on her passion for cosmetics. She developed the Gemology concept and the first brand of cosmetics based on precious trace elements. Featuring products designed for all skin functions, the brand was launched in 2007. and it wasn’t long before many well-known celebrities fell in love with Gemology.

But for Chrystelle Lannoy enthusiasm also entails commitment. She sponsors a beauty salon in Bordeaux that provides free beauty care to underprivileged women. A team of Gemology beauticians also provides assistance for performers at the “Enfoirés” charity concerts in France.

These different activities do not exclude a commitment to her family.  The mother of three boys, she smoothly combines her personal life and other interests.

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